The Opt-Out Machine
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About Us

We created the Opt-Out Machine because we want our privacy back.

We believe that personal data about you should never be used to affect your life without your knowledge or permission. But it happens every day. And as anyone watching can see, surveillance is getting more commonplace. If we don't act to get our privacy back, we can expect:

  • More stolen credit card numbers
  • Higher possibility of identity theft
  • Greater feeling that we need to self-censor on the Internet
  • More egregious data leaks by corporations affecting you
  • More government overreach

Our Responsibilities

As the makers of the Opt-Out Machine, our commitments to you are:

  1. To be good stewards of your personal information, only holding the minimum needed to make privacy requests
  2. To maintain a focus on your security in the design and maintenance of our systems
  3. To tell you the truth in a timely manner and remedy the situation to the best of our ability if we screw up
  4. A corporate charter that says even if our company merges with another company, your data can never be sold or used in a way that you have not explicitly agreed to
public benefit corporation

Who We Are

John Ruder
John Ruder
Co-founder & CEO

With deep experience in product management, business development, and program management, John has been a driver of innovation in finance, aviation, telecom, manufacturing, and even office furniture. His deepest experience is delivering digital technologies: data products, web and mobile apps.

John has thrived in large companies and built startups. John leads with an entrepreneurial spirit, and data-driven analytical thinking. He is always on the lookout for new challenges where he gets the chance to innovate and learn.

Brendan Roberts
Brendan Roberts
Co-founder & CTO

Brendan is a 20-year veteran of web software development. During his career he has operated in multiple roles ranging from mega-corporations to medium-sized companies to several startups. In recent years, his focus has been on platform mechanics and system architectures.

As a long time developer, Brendan enjoyed all of the optimism of the early Internet days. While it was possible to ignore the surveillance economy problem for a long time, the Known Privacy opportunity forced a recognition that the Internet has changed and his role in its development has a new challenge. It is still possible to make it great.