The Opt-Out Machine
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Stop Data Brokers From Selling Your Data.

The Opt-Out Machine automatically stops hundreds of Surveillance Companies from making money off your personal data. It takes just one click.

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Thanks to new privacy laws, you can now tell companies that you want to Opt-Out. They have to comply when you tell them you are opt-ing out if you live in some states. In other states, they will do it anyway.

You now have the power to get control over your data back from hundreds of predatory companies with a single click of a button. Isn’t it time you took back control of your data?

I am heartened to see I already have an opt-out response back from one of the companies, with data. It's great to be able to see and download directly the spreadsheet they sent.
- K.L.

The satisfaction of seeing the opt-out requests sent to these companies was well worth the price for Known Privacy's Opt-Out Machine. Now the companies have 45 days to comply and must acknowledge the request within 15 days.
- Roman V.

So far I rate this as a five. It is nice to know that there is an option for those of use who value data security. Thank you for giving us a chance!
- David S.

The Opt-Out Machine enables you to send privacy requests to hundreds of companies at once.

your data rounded up
start the Opt-Out Machine
the Opt-Out Machine dashboard on a phone screen

You also get a dashboard to monitor their responses

And complete transparency into every exchange between the Opt-Out Machine and Data Brokers

Opt-Out Machine correspondence example

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